Crafted Toy Animal Story/Play Competition
To all Cyber Kids
As some faraway countries expressed their interest in participating at this Competition, we will be expecting all the participations to reach SPES/Mauritius by either Internet or airmail by the end of March 98. It is hoped that the President of the Jury will announce the Winners, one from each Continent, by July 1998.

Best Luck to all the Cyber Kids Competition participants.

Internet multi-media interactivity between Artists/Craftsmen/Designers
"Hello, Craftsworld?" Please note that SPES has reserved the month of March 98 for unsophisticated "Video Conferencing" with our worldwide Crafts friends. At SPES we are equipped with computer cameras for Macs and PCs.

Incidentally, with simple small cameras we have held, for the past year, successful stimulating local and international "Video Conferencing" ex-changing images and voice in a very friendly informal way, that has proved most fruitful for cultural and technical Crafts exchanges. It was exhilarating to communicate in various languages.

We await for Craftspeople from countries of all five continents to reach out to us all throughout the month of March 98. Remember to e-mail or fax us first to arrange for a suitable date and time of the day - do consult an international time table - SPES/Mauritius is 3 - 4 hours past Greenwich time. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you and also exchanging Craft images and skills.

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