Interesting Contacts with French School in the Vercors
local recipes
Our Web site is keeping us extremely busy with vocational related contacts, so much so that we are late with our April update, humble apologies.
This month our SPES Juniors Department established an interesting contact with French primary school children from the Vercors, and as they placed in Cyberspace their favourite Gratin Dauphinois, we are reciprocating with a Mauritian recipe, silkscreened on pure cotton. SPES has a collection of local European and Oriental recipes and kitchen and tableware coordinates depicting our tropical fruits, foods and spices.

We wish all our cybernaut friends Bon Appétit

A Mauritian Recipe
Hand prints on natural pure cotton weave
A Mauritian Recipe
close up
exhibit and sale
SPES Craftspeople are pleased to inform their Cyber friends of their participation at THE CRAFTS CENTER-WASHINGTON DC, exhibit and sale, May 26 - 28 1998, as they plan the event to take place in conjunction with the Washington portion of the Global March Against Child Labour and the first annual Shop Fair Trade month.

A reminder to all creative 3 to 12 years Cybernauts: Hurry! Send in your story/play participation and photo illustrations of crafted animals typical of your countries. Click here for details. The Jury will announce the Winners in June/July 98. Best Luck.

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