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Its on-going activities
The SPES main Research, Vocational and Crafts Production Centre is situated in the town of Quatre Bornes, and behind the facade Gallery and Showroom there is a Design High-tech Unit and six Workshops Units specialised in: Silkscreening, Basketry, Ceramics, Sewing and Fashion, Weaving, Knitting, Wood and Metal work and all types of hand-embroidery. SPES also runs eight rural Craft Workshops Units mainly specialised in Textile Construction, such as Aubusson type of Weaving and Textile Weaving with Designs from Mauritian artists. To be noted that the SPES introduction of the Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) Unit has contributed to global improvement of Designer Products Quality and Marketing.

Follows a condensed presentation of NGO SPES voluminous activities during the past 37 years and contains a few digitized images of our crafted works to depict the Mauritian Tropical Islands typical colourful life, luxuriant vegetation and uses of natural materials.

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Petit-Point Tapestry
Petit-point embroidery to encourage preservation of the traditional ancient wooden Creole Houses

Straw interlace
Close-up of Tray - Computer Design with hand interlaced Sugar-cane flower stems and Agapanthus straw
SPES uses over eight local straw combination

Tapestry: Chazal
Chazal "Lively Fish" Woven Tapestry

SPES unique Mauritian volcanic clay mixtures

Tapestry: Sports
Woven tapestry depicting Mauritian sports of great tourist interest

Silkscreened textile with motifs matching a salt-glazed pottery




Tapestry: Ah Moy
Mauritian romantic flowery hand-woven tapestry

A SPES Knitted Creation to depict the binary computer language - the CAD system was employed

Crafts Competitions

The participation at local and International Crafts Competitions has been very stimulating and our team of Craftsmen has won many Awards and, as a result, some were able to attend Exhibitions and also enjoy Study Tours abroad.