Retrospective EDU Activities Highlights during 2011



Prof. Lucien FINETTE - Director of MES & Hon. Nita DEERPALSING at the Soft Launching 30th Anniversary of NGO SPES Hi-tech & CAD training ongoing










Interesting technical exchanges on "plastic creative recycling techniques" invented by the Family Abdoolah of Plaine Verte with school children in Peru, South America, they had asked SPES to send detailed instructions a video to teach them, seeing that they had seen virtual photos of these eco useful hand-crafted of eco Mauritian products in the SPES website updated of April 1999. SPES with permission from the Family made a video, which the Peru Green Trainer thanked us for. The Peruvian children alos learnt via Internet about MID 2011.

SPES, February 24, 2011



Informal Ladies Day & the theme was on "Festive Welness Workshop for Ladies". On that day a special Braille Alphabet Labeller was remitted by SPES to the "Ecole des Aveugles de Beau Bassin"

SPES, March 10, 2011





Working session with Prison's Officers in March 2011 on the basic "Multi-literacy Course" (MQA Approved)

SPES, March, 2011



Mr Gervais MARIE-JEANNE - Communication Field Executive at the National CSR Commitee launch SPES Eco-Crafts-Expo & e-Demos.

SPES, June 1, 2011







Staff Music Day at SPES

SPES, June 21, 2011





Ms. Sharon THOMPSON, a prominent designer with specialized experience in pottery and ceramics conducted a design training workshop with SPES employees with the support of HRDC and MQA presided by Hon. Surendra DAYAL Minister of Social Integration & Empowerment launching the SPES creative Planetary Training Projects Presentation.

SPES, September 12-27, 2011




Prof. Dr Hiroshi KOBAYASHI dynamic participation in the Educational Technical exchanges & encounters with our NGO SPES MasterCrafts women trainers & ICT professionals

SPES, October 14, 2011







NGO SPES kids Cyber Cafes on 15th October 2011 in the presence of Prof. Dr. Hiroshi KOBAYASHI.

SPES, October 15, 2011





























NGO SPES is famous for our kids Cyber Cafes - this one was for the December Festive event where Kirigami greeting card activity, short eco story & other interesting activties were on the program

SPES, December, 2011

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