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On Road Safety through fun-learning ways & e-skills suitable for children aged to 3 - 12 years

It seemed timely for the SPES Trainers Team to reproduce, via internet, retrospective virtual photos of our:

NGO’s Christmas & 2005 New Year card

The above photos illustrate a simple playground set-up on road traffic situations for young children to learn through teleguiding digital cars and motorcycles, amongst playmates, to gain Knowledge Access on Road Rules & Regulations through e-skills & fun - learning ways as follows:

to manipulate computer interactive facilities,
to enable kids to visualise and actually
to gain coordinated hand-dexterity through practical ways
to engage in e-story telling on road safety situations,
to reduce accidents by adopting disciplined road behaviour
to become careful - Pedestrians, Riders of bicycles &
  motorcycles, Drivers of cars, buses and other road vehicles
bullet to avoid causing Minor, Severe or Fatal Accidents and
  Heartbreaking Problems
bullet to develop positive reactions to traffic signs

It is hoped that Parents and Tutors can be inspired by the above photographs, to teach children through fun-learning & e-skills simple set-ups to gain disciplined social behaviour.

NGO SPES Trainers are proud of the fact, that our regular Kids Cyber Cafes, using innovative e-tutoring ways on specific themes of essential importance, in daily life are both enjoyable and effective as illustrated above.

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it safely as

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