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The Year 2016 website update
of our NGO SPES
Creative Crafts & Multimedia
non-profit Training Centre (MQA registered)
illustrates the intensification of our e-resources

In view of the present Worldwide need to improve Planetary eco-friendly development the Honorary NGO SPES Directors and our e-Trainers Teams made great strides in their Educational / Vocational / Entrepreneurial / e-Edu Research, mainly by introducing e-innovations in all our educational diversified Training Sections

Especially for our Hi-Tech & CAD – Computer Aided Design free Training Unit is in line with need All Age Groups to gain proficiency in digital e-generation skills by benefitting from our e-equipment and continuously updated Training facilities, in order to reduce Poverty by Developing Educational Life-Long Learning Skills during this:

4th Hi-Tech Worldwide Industrial Revolution

Thus, as the first school of a child is usually on the mother’s knees, NGO SPES intensified interactive learning e-skills facilities and initiated various successful “Model Mum’s Village e-Classrooms with a Quick-Learning Basic Multi-Literacy Course with integrated designer eco-crafts skills, using mostly Natural Fibers and Dyes we bio-extract from 15 local growing plants which are useful to create jobs in handcrafts SMEs & textile products for Touristic Marketing with a Mauritius identity “Couleur Locale”.

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Moreover on view our first kid’s Cyber Café fun-learning practical Playground table-top our e-trainers designed specially to teach Road Safety Rules & Regulations for young Kids to learn to drive by controlling e-miniature toy vehicles along the table-top drawn road and also to obey Warning Traffic Signs.


Actually another NGO SPES sophisticated later table top Traffic Playground can be viewed on the SPES website of the year at http://spesmru.intnet.mu/dec06.html  This year here-under new  various several table-tops with special more powerful e-Toys Vehicles & Instructions Books displays, and also a police control helicopter and an ambulance, a Fire Engine a  Model Hospital set-up and the SPES Cyber Kids can learn about  the importance  of “The Golden hour” to save the life of a pedestrian, a cyclist or car passengers and drivers. The Kids can also learn through these new Traffic SPES table-tops Playgrounds to improve: “Road Prudent Behaviour” and to obey the Warning signs and speed limits and to respect CCTV cameras and avoid road accidents and also traffic Police fires!

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The great innovation of this SPES December Kids Cyber Café is the fact that thanks to a “Philanthropical” Father Christmas, who donated as a special Hi-Tech gift the latest 3D photographic equipment and for the first time actually our NGO’s e-trainers had the unobstrucive chance to take revealing 3D Photos & make impressive Videos which they showed the small group of 11 – 17 years participants to their amazement.

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As a result, when the ados saw their vehicles crashes on the 3D videos with the AVR – Augmented Virtual Reality technique they requested to write on a Computer of our e-congenial Round Table the following comment:

“What an impressive 3D AVR – Augmented Virtual Real Traffic Lesson!”


Before the Cyber Kids left our Quatre-Bornes Training Centre they were offered miniature e-toy vehicles and it was suggested they pass on their own Traffic Kids Cyber Café experience to their playmates the message:


At this Festive Kids Cyber Café the enthusiastic children participants eagerly followed a “Hands on demo” by our Mastercrafts Trainers on the eco-product possibilities to use the vigorous invading “Water Hyacinth Plants”, presently adversely affecting the bio-diversity of ALBION Eau Bleu River Water and each one received a small Note-Book with a cover made from the multi-uses eco-friendly facilities that, hopefully, will soon be developed for new eco jobs & also for Touristic Marketing products with a “Couleur Locale” identity.

Thus, the Moral of the above Kids Cyber Café on “Road Safety Prudence” is that well utilised Hi-Tech innovations can transform cost-effectively the Current Learning Model at all Age levels

For a Happier Eco-friendly World!

NGO SPES Paper quilling card using recycled eco-paper

Greetings of the Season

A Merry Xmas &

A Very Happy & Eco-friendly

Productive New Year 2017