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At the request of several countries, where the children have end-of-the-year exams in November, SPES has agreed to extend the participation date of this International Internet Competition until the end of February 1998.

So young cybernauts: there is more time to be creative and to produce an environmentally-friendly story/play with animals of your country in the form of hand-crafted toys. Do remember to utilise mostly typical materials.

Members of the Jury

As promised we are announcing this month the composition of the Members of the Jury of this cyberspace Competition:

The President: Mr. Robin Blythe-Lord from England, is a consultant in interactive educational multimedia. He runs his own craft and multimedia "Ateliers" in Plymouth, Devon.

Ms. Myriam Narainsamy : a trained nurse and pre-school teacher/lecturer in Mauritius, where she is the Vice-president of OMEP - "Organisation Mondiale de l'Education Préscolaire".

Mr. Owadally Abdool Wahab : ex-conservator of Forest in Mauritius and ex-president of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius.

All three Members of the Jury of this children Competition await eagerly for your worldwide creative works.

International News
Frankfurt Expo
Wood... from near and far

Mauritian straw and woodwork Craftspeople were greatly honoured to participate at the Frankfurt Expo on "Wood... from near and far" organised by the Handwerkskammer Rheinhessen (Chamber of Crafts of Rheinhessen in Mainz, Germany) and ICDA (International Craft Design Association), as these cultural and technical exchanges are enriching events.

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