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On the occasion of our great artistic collaborator Malcolm de Chazal 101th Anniversary
our Craftspeople set up a Mini Remembrance Expo with some of the hand-silkscreened textiles, our tapestry weavings and our exclusive potteries made from Chazal designs.

n addition, a few original Chazal Paintings were also displayed thanks to the courtesy of Art Collectors.
All visitors were enchanted with the spectacular use Chazal makes of the Mauritian bright "couleur locale".

  o be noted that Chazal studied Agro engineering at Baton Rouge USA before becoming a famous philosopher, writer and painter with a colourful and ecological flair.

  We had lovely news
in September we received the invitation to the wedding of Soraya daughter of dear Raja Fuziah, a friend from the days when Raja Fuziah binti Raja Tun Uda and Helena Langlois were very active as executive Board Members of the World Crafts Council - WCC.


ot being able to attend the beautiful wedding ceremony in Kuala Lumpur Helena ventured to suggest that the young couple fly out on honeymoon to Mauritius to enjoy our Tropical Island beaches.

few weeks later we had the immense pleasure of having the company of the young couple. They spent a few hours visiting our SPES Vocational & Multimedia Training Centre.

t was great to hear all the Malaysia news and we were delighted to learn that they too are involved in computer work and commercial project design. Soon after Fuziah emailed the bright idea of trying to organise a Crafts Workshop between our friendly countries, perhaps in 2004...

he rest of the day was spent touring and went to the Waterfront Cultural and Shopping Complex and also relaxed enjoying a Mauritian Briani with giant "camarons" - a local delicious fresh water prawn.

from left to right: Myriam, Helena, Soraya and Azlan
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