September 2002

During this month the main Crafts and Computer Training activity SPES carried out was held on September 19, for kids from various Community-based centres that cater for children with motor problems and special learning needs.

The eager participants tried out successfully with great joy the Ergonomic Computer Table-tops SPES designed specially, for people on wheelchairs, to have easy and comfortable access to use computers.

On that occasion H.E. John Price, under the 2002 USA Ambassador's Self-Help Fund kindly presented to SPES a modern computerized projector.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions read the message of praise and encouragment sent by the Honourable Minister Samioullah Lauthan.

Soon after, the SPES team of specialized Teacher Trainers demonstrated the utility of the projector for ICT and presented their multimedia creations on the diverse uses of "Palm trees and coconuts". (The background texture depicts coconut fibres, from our Mauritian Islands, woven by the SPES weavers).

At tea-time some "Lizie dan la Main" young trainees learnt to make the Mauritian nurishing "Coconut/rice Poutous" using the digital microwave to which SPES has added braille letters to facilitate its use for those who have eyesight problems. The 4-minute microwave cooking of this Health-food turned out to be yet another delicious recipe for these young microwave bakers that are determined to become proficient entrepreneurs in the Baking line for school catering.

As depicted on the virtual photos, H.E. John Price and the other Guests found amusing and hopefully inspiring our round table luncheon meeting set-up of laptops computers placed on a SPES woven-table-cloth with matching potteries designed and produced by our Mastercraftsmen.

Message for all

New Internaut Visitors to our website, kindly note that NGO SPES in its quest for bridging the digital gap is continuously looking for financial support and ICT professional collaboration for SMEs development specially at grassroots level.

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