eing ecological oriented, after carrying out research for many years for a suitable solar energy mobile device SPES was very grateful to have received some funding from Rotarian friends from the UK, and put this kind donation towards our NGOs energy-saving project, that englobes ICT Knowledge Access. able to organize an outdoor Open Day to demonstrate the latest light Solar Panels Power Pack.


PES was thus able to present this Solar e-tool at the National Infotech 2002 launching event on October 10, thanks to the hospitality of the impressive Courts informatics stand. An outdoor open day on 17 October was organized by SPES in front of its Multimedia Centre.

he launching of this memorable event was performed by the Honourable Alan Ganoo, Minister of Public Utilities, who like all the other guests and visitors was marvelled by the effectiveness of this compact mobile light solar energy panels.

ur virtual photos also depict young passers-by who were attracted and enchanted by the SPES outdoor set-up

of both a PC and Mac laptops working on solar energy!

t is with great joy that we can now announce that the SPES Multi-literacy Global Village Project can be extended to all sunny corners of the world! Thus, the SPES innovative, creative and pedagogical approach can thus contribute globally to poverty eradication.

his new e-tool energy-saver is an economical measure to provide solar energy to isolated electricity-deprived areas and establish electronic communication and access to e-generation knowlegde and skills including technology-transfer facilities to equalize sustainable development chances!


e make an urgent appeal to fund-deciders with e-vision, as all SPES needs is adequate funding to share out, with the now many soliciting developing countries our Multi-literacy Teacher Training special pedagogical methods, that integrate ICT-oriented Vocational Skills geared to cutting-edge skills.

n addition, during November SPES concentrated on the solar energy project and its possibility even to faciliate e-trade in poor faraway grassroots areas.

Another useful activity during this month

concerns our training and sharing of e-trade facilities to the Young Entrepreneurs that are participating at the International Virtual Congress, as SPES Hi-tec Unit held several computer hands-on demonstrations using fun games for entrepreneurs to learn and practice the use of the different Euro notes and coins to facilitate trade connections with EU countries.

he various SPES Workshops: pottery, weaving, silkscreening, sewing, straw-work etc., were busy preparing our December Tapestry Exhibition of Malcolm de Chazal designs.

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