SMEs to go Virtual

Even before the end of November SPES is reporting on the Workshop/Seminar our Hi-tec Unit organized on the 19th.

The Guest of Honour, H.E. Juan Carlos Rey, EU Ambassador, made an enlightening exposé and pointed out the dynamic role of EU to promote also small enterprises interaction.

The ICT importance of 6 months Virtual Congress for Young Entrepreneurs was demonstrated by establishing, at a click of the computer, internet/spatial connectivity to over 50 top experts on SMEs matters and how virtual Learning/Sharing and e-business can be carried out "on-line". The value of virtual photography use was illustrated too, as small and medium enterprises of ACP countries also need to develop a new mindset in our "spatial" era!


National/Regional/International linkages

Concerning news on the Spain-based and EU sponsored First Virtual Congress for Young Entrepreneurs, SPES is delighted that the Members of NGO SEPAC* (Small Enterprise Promotion Advisory Council) of the group of 14 Southern African countries agreed at the SEPAC SME Congress, held in Zimbabwe on the 28th November 2001, to join in the Virtual Congress activities via SPES, that is acting as the official Virtual Congress extended facilitator for the SEPAC SMEs Young Entrepreneurs.

* Do visit the SEPAC SMEs Website link:

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