SPES latest Hi-tec advancements

During this month SPES had the stimulating visit of the Attorney General, the Honourable Rama Valayden, Minister of Justice and Human Rights.

  Our SPES specialized Vocational Teachers propose to reach out with Training Skills to the needy via WorldSpace Satellite, and contribute to fair and equal chances of development, in line with the aim of propelling Mauritius into a Cyber Island and Bridging the Digital Divide.  

Hence our Vocational Team is pleased to be able to display our ICT facilities and engage in collaborative actions to provide e-learning Multi-literacy and Vocational Skills Training Access nationwide, amongst isolated people, wherever they may be even if in a prison, a shelter on in a youth rehabilitation centre.

   November - December     

During November SPES designed and produced novel crafts for our December Expo/Sale, while, at the same time we prepared a CLASS (Combined Live Audio and Slide Show) lesson for diffusion via WorldSpace Satellite, for the SPES demonstration on e-learning and live presentation at the National Debate on Curricular Reforms (30th November & 1st December) in a big hall.

Luckily our e-learning live satellite interactive broadcast was very successful, though in a mezzanine of a big hall and the fact that we were using 7 languages for the first time.

As a result we organized an OPEN DAY on 20th December to display our new tablet computer with a pivoting screen, that we are now using to handwrite digitally, with a special wireless stylus, Oriental languages characters and also convert and type them virtually into text, Mauritius is a pluri-lingual country.

Some lady friends kindly translated and wrote in Hindi and Simplified Chinese our Papaya health recipe, as for Arabic a charming couple translated it.

Furthermore, we were delighted and very thankful also to have a lady teacher who dealt with the recipe translation in Swahili for our African friends, seeing that Mauritius aspires at being a Regional Hub.



We were simply delighted to have as the Star Guest for this OPEN DAY the Minister of Women's Rights, Child Development, Family Welfare & Consumer Protection and we were greatly encouraged by the lines the Honourable Mrs. Indranee Seebun kindly wrote in our Visitors' Book, to quote:

“Beauty blend of creativity and technology! Congratulatiosn”, so we will have top keep up this image in 2006.

The SPES Traditional end of year activity

"Hi-tec fun-learning "Kids Party", since 1996, had as a theme the "Road Code and Safety Rules".

Photos of kids 4 - 14 years old playing and learning our computer road games and learnt to observe Alert Road and speed signs while improving motor reactions - with both traditional and e-cars, e-ports bikes and e-motorbikes e-generation Christmas party, that a noisy but fun-learning, finally ended with rewarding Health food and juices from the SPES Canteen Patisserie.

Our wish and appeal 2006 to benefit illiterate teenagers at socio-economic risk that the SPES "Pluri-lingual & Multi-literacy Global Village Project becomes a Model at national and worldwide levels as from January 2006 to "Bridge the Use Divide" for a Joyful and Peaceful Year for All.



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