Last warning for computer Y2K Compliance.

The UNESCO Webworld News of 17 December 1999 announced that the Global Status Watch of the International Y2K Cooperation Center is providing information on the Y2K bug at Website:

Design courtesy of UK cartoonist, Ian Gibson

This Mauritian singing bird

was designed on a computer,

silkscreened and aloe framed by hand

to epitomize the SPES sky-high


for Peaceful Creative Interaction

to achieve Happier Days for all

rich and poor,

in the Year 2000.

Admire the litte bird and it will start singing in a little while.


In the last two months of the 20th Century, SPES has focussed on the new e-generation approach to promote further, its engagement, in Small and Medium scale enterprises in the African sub-region, as well as at world-wide global village level.

SPES created a VIRTUAL PICTORAMA of: our recent computer demonstrations at the local INFOTECH 99 FAIR in November. After many years of applied vocational research SPES devised a scheme for teaching multi-literacy skills that can help eliminate exclusion and poverty. It is very user-friendly specially for illiterate kids at risk, and they enjoy learning computer graphics allied to Crafts.


The SPES stand @ Infotech 99 was visited by many people... students...
. kids...
... and grown-ups too!

In December 99, SPES organised a CRAFTS EXPO and a CYBER CAFE at our SPES VOCATIONAL & MULTI-MEDIA CENTRE where our special guests and collaborators met some for our Multi-literacy teachers, assessors, rural Master Craftsmen and trainees.

The SPES Teachers/Assessors' group leader, Frances Gibson, presenting the special teaching materials for Quick-learning for illiterate kids and early school drop-outs

From left to right: Hon. Sarat Lallah, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology and Hon. Joseph Tsang Mang Kin, Minister of Art & Culture during their encouraging joint address at the launching of the Expo/Cybercafe
Hon. James Burty David, Minister of Local Government, Outer Islands Development and Small & Medium Enterprises and Handicraft admiring the various International Crafts Awards won by SPES
SPES Teachers/Assessors' computer presentation of the
special teaching materials they produced

Tea-time with SPES canteen cakes

"nous avons beaucoup à partager" - we have a lot to share - were the stimulating words of Mr. Bernard Gilbert, UNICEF Resident Representative, which SPES wishes to pursue in the year 2000.

Locally SPES has been spreading since the year 1989 the Computer Aided Design culture geared to improve creativity and production. Moreover SPES has concentrated on the new need for lifelong learning and the acquisition of new Trade skills, like e-commerce presentations, in order to face the New Millennium challenges.

The pottery featured is a replica of Richard Caphane's Design prototype at the CHIC CHINOIS UNESCO/FELISSIMO Design 21 Beijing Expo
In December 99 SPES made sure that all its mastercraftsmen had followed computer sessions to be able to deal with the new computer era.
Some of our Craftsmen are now able to integrate CAD and CAD/CAM to manual skills and enjoy their increased creativity and productivity capacity.

The SPES Vocational and Multimedia Centre is looking forward to the scheduled interactive activities, as from January 2000, with countries that will be adopting, the SPES avant-garde multi-literacy scheme, specially devised, for street kids cultural and socio-economic global village integration.


Our sincere thanks to friends near and far who sent us Greetings of the Season

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