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     The SPES Mastercraftspeople were extremely
     busy during the month of November preparing
     Eco-Designer Handcrafted products, in co-ordination
     with also our CAD - Computer aided Design Unit -
     that we had the vision to launch in the year 1989.

Oncemore our catalystic role to promote entrepreneurship was in the limelight, as the Ministry of Women's Rights, Child Development, Family Welfare & Consumer Protection...
... sent us a Visiting Group of Potential Young Women Entrepreneurs from the Island of Rodrigues.
We were delighted to let them see, discuss crafts opportunities and learn specially about our SPES Pottery Training Workshop, where we also have to produce functional and decorative products for Sale to try to cover our daily and Applied Research expenses as well,
seeing that we do not yet receive public grants for "Empowerment Training".    
Our Best Wishes for the year 2007, for all the hundreds of Teenagers and Adults visitors that during the past year showed an interest in learning about our eco-handcrafts diversity using Mauritian raw materials.

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