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In line with the World and the National Campaign to combat diabetes, the SPES Vocational and Multimedia Centre started Public Awareness activities on 14th November 2003, on Healthy Cooking/Eating and Regular Exercises be it Yoga, Sports or brisk Walking or gym, etc.
Unfortunately a few weeks ago a few of our handcrafts people were victims of eye and heart cardio-vascular severe problems that indicated the priority need for focusing on diabetes prevention, regular testing and a healthier lifestyle "en famille" to keep as fit as possible (as in Mauritius the ratio is one person on five is diabetic).

Use specialized cookery books for diabetic recipes and read the scientific nutritional information annexed to each recipe for food values and quantities per eating portion.

A series of virtual photos illustrate the interactive cooking session SPES carried out using a microwave partly equipped with a grill component to prepare a Health Menu. An “Hands-on” experience for our SPES Staff and the invited group of 20 ladies participants who had lost their jobs in textile factories, apparently several aspire at being re-skilled to learn to become carers perhaps for elders, children and mainly for people suffering from diabetes in need for proper food intake and monitoring.

For Obesity control:
Regular Exercise indoor and outdoor is essential to counteract long sedentary hours at work or doing TV watching, or internet surfing.

Use less fat, less sugar, rapid cooking methods to preserve vitamins, more fresh vegetables and fruit.

Have regular medical check-ups and do special tests to control diabetes, follow assiduous monitoring of prescribed treatment, if needed. Avoid smoking, drinking and stress. Adopt new cooking & eating habits.

As worldwide more and more young children are becoming diabetic cases in December we are holding a children's fun heatlh cook day.

Vegetarian mix rice salad and microwave
grilled chicken tikka

Fruit juice juice jelly for dessert

Spicy whole-meal flour cupcakes with nuts
or sultanas for tea-time snacks


Follow instructions and methodology in a specialized cookery book for diabetic people and analyse the details information on the value of the ingredients. Kindly note that the SPES Teacher Trainers used potteries our Workshops makes from Mauritian clays and cotton aprons with ecological designs hand-printed at our silkscreened unit.

Grate papaya and mince chicken

Mix all ingredients: papaya, chicken add
whole meal soft bread. Season with
chopped fresh herbs

Shape into small balls
Place balls in microweable recipient

Microwave in appropriate steamer
container for a few minutes. Let stand.

Serve hot with fresh piment sauce

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