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  SPES hosted a special day on 12th February 2004 for the Honourable Auroomooga Putten, Minister of Local Government and Rodrigues as well Muncipality Mayors, Deputy Mayors and other distinguished guests to show a revolutionary system of distance learning in which SPES had the opportunity to participate.
In view of the educational problems of increasing rate of primary failures, that have reach the figure of 34.7% in year 2003, SPES that has 36 years of vocational experience is trying to activate the implementation of our Multi-literacy Global Village Project, which actually can be adapted not oly for nationwide use but also for worldwide use as we have designed it to develop a new e-generation of teachers.
It is a must that the globalization spirit be adopted by old and young and specially the decision-makers and the donors. We are of the opinion that it is not by overloading the children with more subjects for parrot-like learning seeing that the National aspiration is to become a cyber island with an intelligent society, it is technological to use artificial intelligence.

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