This month we are focusing on handloom weaving, which SPES introduced in our Island only twenty-five years ago, this may seem strange to cybernauts, who live in countries that have been practising traditional weaving for thousands of years... To be noted that all the SPES Masterweavers always draw the attention of their new trainees to the natural intertwined fibre of the Coconut Tree, as depicted on the photo of some of our basic weavings.
Living in a tropical climate, we enjoy weaving mostly outdoors on a portable loom, that has braille signs on its roller beam, so that even the blind can learn to weave. We like to use all sorts of natural fibres such as raphia, vacoas, sisal, cotton, silk, recycled fabrics and the new generation of man-made mixed and therapeutic yarns such as anti-stress or anti-pain yarns that contains copper.


don't forget to participate in the Competition

Kids cybernauts - aged from 3 - 12 remember to enter and prepare for the October 97 Competition on the Crafted Animal Toys story/play. For details and entry, see updates of February, March and April.


SPES logo June 1997 marks the SPES
3 0 t h  A n n i v e r s a r y
During the 30 years of devoted non-profit vocational Art & Crafts work, perhaps the most stimulating events are taking place now, that so many of us are communicating and learning-sharing through cyberspace, that eliminates distance problems and equalises information access within a matter of seconds.

SPES hosts MACOSS event

To mark the International Environment Day on June 5th, we were pleased to host for NGO MACOSS (Mauritius Council of Social Service) a "Green tea-party" at which they distributed, with the collaboration of Australia, Compost Bins for 40 NGOs to reduce pollution and enrich the soil.

On that occasion the hundred guests viewed SPES CD-ROMs on Flower and Vegetables planting, on 3D Garden Design and also on tree-growing, as many organisation engage in "Nature Crafts" and ecological activities.

The Day of the African Child

On 16th June, the Day of the African Child , SPES participated at a national festive function for young teenagers, where we ran four Creative Craft corners on: Pottery, Weaving, Cake-making and Icing Decoration and Computer free-hand painting, the latter being the most popular Creative Workshop, as we were able to initiate over 500 young teenagers in computer graphics, with all its endless "magic" tools possibilities!

Digital Photo of the month

To keep to environmentally-friendly activities, our digital photograph of the month is a small window screen, with recycled glass panes, made from fused patchwork designs from broken glass. SPES also makes decorative floral glass panes for garden lamps, which are framed in our Metal Training Workshop and light up the tropical vegetation of our luxuriant Islands.

recycled glass window


don't forget to participate at the Competition
* at the special request of young French-speaking cybernauts a french version *
french header  - en francais

Informations complémentaires sur
le concours de fabrication de jouets
représentant des animaux

CANDIDATURES Les candidatures doivent être addressés dès maintenant:
  • par la poste: c/o SPES
  • 7 avenue Labourdonnais Quatre Bornes
  • Ile Maurice, Océan Indien
  • par E mail à:
  • par Fax: (230) 424 2960
  1. Age concerné: 3 - 12 ans
  2. Les animaux qui seront les personnages d'une histoire ou d'un sketch, peuvent être fabriqués avec n'importe quel matériau
  3. Le texte doit faire référence à la défense de l'environnement.
  4. Ce texte d'une longueur maximum de trois pages 21/29,7 cm imprimées devra être envoyé avec les images et documents qui l'accompagnent à SPES, au mois de février 1998 seulement.
  5. Les inscriptions doivent être envoyées dès maintenant.
DATE LIMITE D'ENVOI DES DOCUMENTS Histoire, texte, photos couleurs, négatifs, diapositives (qui pourront être numérisés si nécessaire par SPES):
le 28 février 1998
RESULTATS DU CONCOURS Les gagnants seront avertis par le jury international la dernière semaine d'avril 1998


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