PES is forever grateful to Sheila Wilson who, during her stay, on the Island, while her husband was piloting Mauritian planes, volunteered to spend many hours updating our SPES Library database. We all enjoyed her jovial nature and admired her effective digital dedication.

uring the past two months our Hi-tec Unit Trainers developed more sophisticated user-friendly Teaching Training Materials for our Multi-literacy and environment-oriented development projects.

NGO SPES is very motivated by our Government's present policy of strategic ICT partnerships between the Public, Private, Civil Society and NGO Sectors.

Dr. R. Nazir (on left) and Mr. Jean Yves de Fleuriot

Several Rotarians from the Curepipe Club spent many hours at our IT Product Design Unit discussing the need for collaborative efforts on Newways to develop and safeguard Natural and Human Resources using computers to reduce Poverty by bridging the Digital Gap and providing training skills amongst needy adolescents.

ur SPES Library now consists of thousands of reference items in the form of books, e-books, magazines, slides, videos, i-movies, CD-ROMs and DVDs, some of which are the creative productions of our Teacher Trainers specialized in New Skills.

Above: photos of Sheila's farewell Party and some of our Teacher Trainers

PES was delighted in 1996 to be designated a UNESCO Planet Society* member in view of our environmental respect to Nature and our longstanding engagement to produce eco-crafts. We are pleased at the recent official annoucement that the Planet Society Members can integrate and collaborate interactively within the framework of the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for Children of the World (2001 - 2010).

Moreover, our SPES Multi-literacy Development programmes are in alignment with the latest UN globalization trends for ICT progress.

In view of our extensive Vocational Applied Research SPES is organising OPEN DAYs soon to share our e-readiness on multimedia Environment Content Development and foster e-culture.

*See direct link here

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