MAY 2000

What a busy and exciting month demonstrating CAL- Computer Aided Learning and ICT - Information & Communication Technology.

During the last week of May SPES had the honour and the great pleasure of the visit of a special Delegation of three Mozambique dignitaries accompanied by their dynamic Ministry of Women and Social Actions.

See top-left photo from right to left:
Hon. Dr. B. N. A. dos Santos Matabele Minister of Women and Coordination of Social Action; Mr. Eduardo Borges Director of Planning and Cooperation; Mrs. Antónia Xavier Director of National Institute for Social Actions; Mrs. Lúcia Bernadete Mairosse Coordinator Technical Council of National Commission for Social Rehabilitation

The SPES teaching team of our Multi-literacy skills enjoyed demonstrating for several days some of our training activities specially tailored to empower, at grassroots level, vulnerable youth at risk, who need user-friendly knowledge access for creative capacity-building.

A virtual "pictorama" best illustrates the technical pedagogical and social exchanges that marked the VIPs visit, enhanced on two occasions by the presence of their Honourable Minister, during her stay in Mauritus for the SADC Women Ministers Meeting Responsible for Gender / Women's Affairs.

The SPES team of Craftspeople, as a token of solidarity, offered 3 solar/winding radios for the Mozambique children who were recent victims of the flood calamity. It is hoped that these radios will facilitate access ot broadcasts from schools and to musical and other audio entertainment programmes. It is also planned that NGO SPES will extend our user-friendly multimedia network to Mozambique using CAL and ICT

To be noted that SPES designed its NEW GENERATION multi-literacy skills training project, not only in English and French, but also in Portuguese for faraway countries like Brazil and Timor in the true "global village spirit" that animates NGO SPES towards the vocational upliftment of youth in need of access to life-long skills.

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