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Special Follow-up Visit Of Professor Dr. Hiroshi KOBAYASHI and His Koba Lab Team from Tokyo University of Science.


Vegetarian Rice Noodles

Fresh Tuna Tomato Rougaille

Papaya compote and Yogurt


Visit of Dr Hiroshi Kobayashi on the 14-15th October 2011

Slideshow illustrating:

The special follow up visit of Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi and his Koba Lab team from Tokyo University of Science, to set up SAYA a Humanoid Android Robot that is life-size and plays a facinating, interactive tutoring role on practical basic science e-classroom for elementary school level.

On the 29th March, a small group of 7 children from a southern seaside school, had great fun and learned to cook and bake in a SAYA interactive course using microwaves. They were able to cook 3 courses luncheon meal and tasted the healthly well-balanced caloric diet, which is also suitable to reduce obesity and prevent diabetes prevailing problems in our Island.

Mr Dominique Bechard representative of System Plus Hi-tech Enterprises has been of free technical support for setting up Koba-Lab's Humanoid Android Robot SAYA's classroom interactive complex system.

A press conference and soft-launching of SAYA to the public was organised on the 30th March in SPES Vocational and Training Centre in Quatre-Bornes.

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