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warm welcome to this March 2006 ICT event that marks the 39th Anniversary of NGO SPES and also the fact, that our Team of Vocational Teachers and diversified MasterCraftspeople have been engaging in IT - Information Technology since 1981, and thus we have 25 years of extensive experience in New Technologies!


But  back to earth and the daily toil of SPES, now mostly, based on Bridging the Digital Gap by promoting entrepreneurship skills and designer-products-making through CAL - Computer Aided Learning skills, which our NGO has integrated to our "Pluri-Lingual and Multi-literacy Global Village Project" based on e-learning appropriate for illiterate Street Kids and illiterate unemployed and marginalized adults



A series of virtual photos depict the the SPES multi-disciplinary dimension and our ICT activities based on:
psycho, social, pedagogical, vocational, creative, ecological, productive and economic-geared, practical skills diffusion towards the EFA - Education For All - Millennium Goal.


At SPES we were greatly honoured that it was the Honourable Minister Madame Sheila Bappoo, at the helm of the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Senior Citizen's Welfare and Reform Institutions, who launched our OPEN DAY in the context of the International Women's Day and the SPES achievements thanks to also to women's ICT teaching collaboration via satellite multimedia programmes.


On this occasion SPES diffused its latest broadcast and multimedia health and agro programme on "Milk" in a story form to encourage illiterate street kids to start enjoying schooling newways through fun-learning, via the innovative satellite system, of interactive and practical e-lessons designed by our SPES vocational teachers to halt the high failure rate at primary school final exams, so all the Mauritian Islands Youth can face the e-generation challenges.


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