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NGO SPES has updated our Model Multimedia scheme for Training Specialized Vocational Teachers to reach out to illiterate school drop-outs, using the latest New Training and Learning skills, that can reach out also to needy marginalized people of all ages.
Our spirits are soaring as our NGO's socio-psychological and hi-tec methodologies acquired by our recycled Teaching Team are now recognized by various EU and African countries, that are interested in SPES as a Service Provider for innovative Multi-literacy Global Village development project.
We are proud of the fact that inspite of lack of financial support so far, our Multi-literacy research findings can be applied for the upliftment of grassroots kids at socio-economic risk even in isolated poor areas and refugee situations, where e-learning facilities are not yet accessible due to lack of adequate funding. Time high-level resounding good intentions turn into concrete actions for genuine poverty eradication to ensue through partnerships with performing NGOs...
From India, too have come requests to visit our SPES Vocational infrastructure, which integrates the SPES unique combination of our advancements in solar and wireless computerized systems. We couple our SPES continuous Teaching Material Creations, in several vocational fields, with vast number of diverse programs. In the meantime we are providing technical information on agri-foods such as soya bi-products to encourage a new life style and Health foods, that can develop small agro SMEs.
Sharing with you recent photos taken at our Vocational and Multimedia Centre for Product design-training with raw materials and for the provision of wireless and airport facilities to bridge the special learning needs and digital gap and also to develop e-trade skills specially for SMEs in the rural areas to have Access Virtual Marketing even using wireless/solar communication.

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