Invitation to Internet Direct link to the SPESwebsite update that features our 4 eco-projects that were awarded, on 5th June 2003 the Special Prize by the Ministry of Environment:

1. Sanseveria

The Sanseveria fibre Project depicts the recycling of this wild-growing plants as the SPES Crafts Team succeeded to extract a fine white eco-fibre suitable for Textile/fabrics with a Mauritian identity. Photos of proto-types of our handwoven “Naturalist’s bag” with e-tools and other creative designer-products using Sanseveria fibre combinations.



The Mulberry Project - for easy fruit propagation for agro healthy delicious food products à la Mauricienne, suitable for internal and export marketing in the form of syrup and jams in crafted packages in local clays, straws and fabrics.

3. Microwave healthy cooking


Healthy Life-style Project to counteract the high percentages in Cardio-vascular, Diabetes and Obesity problems. Displays of pleasant ways for Exercises suitable for all ages. Also the promotion by our specialized Teacher Trainers of Healthy Cooking/Baking using steam, microwave and special stir-fries eco-recipes to encourage organic foods to enhance the Mauritian pluri-cultural tropical flavours and develop creative SMEs.

4. Solar energy eco-resource

The portable Solar panels with e-Tools introduced by SPES as a cost-effective Energy saver on human and fuel resources. SPES designed and tested successfully all these 4 projects for our Multi-literacy Global Village Project in order to Bridge the Digital Gap in our sunny Islands. This solar Project set-up can serve as a Model for worldwide use, to Alleviate Poverty using computer connectivity and our special New Training Vocational Skills user-friendly traditional and e-Learning courses.

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