SPES has played a catalysing role in vocational skills Traning and since 1981 has engaged in Teacher Training mainly in photography, printing and in CAD - Computer Aided Design and CAM - Computer Aided Manufacture and also in ICT specially for Vocational Applied Research using Multimedia and creating appropriate teaching material content also suitable for e-learning and e-trade, Production and e-Business. Keeping in alignment with the e-world progress.

In July, the SPES Crafts Teacher Trainers were delighted
to have
the visit of 75 children from a Private Primary School.
The Primary School Yr 2 6 to 7 year old in full action learning to make and decorate biscuit under the guidance of our SPES Patisserie/Canteen Staff.
Naturally finger licking occured as they artistically decorated the biscuits with coloured icing...
The Silkscreening Unit allowed these kids on small groups to handprint through silkscreen letter paper with kid's designs. Our straw Unit prepared Finger weaving, intertwining natural aloe fibre to learn to respect and make beautiful uses of dried plants. Finally to encourage reclying of food cans, the children took turns at learning how to wind natural beige sisal cord alternated with colourful wool remnants - for pencil and pen striped containers. This activty also stimulates finger dexterity.
Figurine-making was also part of the array of craft activities meant to keep them busy.

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