Highlights of July 2001

 SPES Vocational activities are illustrated "on loop" photographs. These depict the urgent need for our country to engage in an appropriate e-Learning scheme to reach out to the adolescents who need Multi-literacy Life-long Skills to be able to survive the challenges of globalization.

  • The SPES nationwide Multi-literacy Training project is also highly suitable for Adults who are facing redundancy and need to adapt to learning digital skills.
  • As the Islands of Mauritius look forward to increasing regional links we were delighted to welcome the new Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) Secretary General, Mr. Wilfrid Bertile. 
  •  Scenic show: the Story Creating and Reading Corner, mainly to help dyslexic children conquer their coordination difficulties.
  •  New pedagogical technology tricks to bridge the digital gap were demonstrated by our Team of specialized Teacher Trainers.
  •  Also an array of Healthy Cookery recipes with scientific nutritional analyses as balanced and special diets are very important and should contain: high-fibre content foods, vegetables, fruits and vitamins to counteract diabetics, cardiovascular, dyslexia and other prevailing health problems.
  • Information on Walking, Exercise and Sport for forms part of our reference library are still on display in the form of: posters, press cuttings, CD-ROMs, books, etc.
  • One of the SPES pedagogical finding is that it is a must for children and adults to become "fast readers" to be able to benefit from the present Internet facility to the maximum. Thus, it is important to reach out to illiterate unschooled children, who roam the streets, to start enjoying learning using newways and multi-media computers to awake their potential for entrepreneurship.

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