As usual SPES closed down for the first two weeks of January, hence we decided to combine the month of January and February updates, apologies for this delay.

During part of January and the whole of February we were busy focussing on new skills for teacher training in IT and crafts. We were delighted to have had Christina Preston and Frances Gibson as energising visiting guests, who are also multi-media enthusiasts and gladly shared their ICT knowledge with our members and school children.

A Round Table was held at SPES on new teaching methodologies followed by a special presentation for the educational public. Thanks to the courtesy of The NATIONAL COMPUTER BOARD we were able to use their well equipped conference room for this stimulating talk by Christina illustrated in the following photographs:

MBC TV interviewing Christina Preston
just before her talk

Christina Preston delivering her lecture

Thank you for all the messages that we are receiving from all over the world. It is very exciting to have so many friends interested in crafts.