NEW MILLENNIUM NEW WAYS Some NEW MILLENNIUM NEW WAYS are based on the recognition of the importance of performing NGOs at decision-making levels and the need for the Public and Private Sectors to share adequate funding with the flexible NGO sector and carry out, in partnership, socio-economic development projects towards the eradication of EXCLUSION & POVERTY.

A batik from 
"Le Centre Artistique de Ouagadougou"

During the month of January 2000, NGO SPES made a review of its vocational work since 1967 and took stock of its 33 years of activities which are condensed and highlighted in our website at http://spesmru.intnet.mu.  SPES is world known for its avant-garde vocational activities specially in the promotion of design for small and medium enterprises, mainly in the African continent.  It has also been engaging in the "global village" development using the universal language of crafts allied to informatics technology.
NGO SPES, having designed and tested its multi-literacy skills scheme dedicated to illiterate children who, for multiple reasons, have learning difficulties at basic education level, has decided to extend its basic innovative teaching system and undertake offshore training. 

In view of the need of many countries to equalize access to knowledge opportunities and fulfil the basic educational Universal Rights of the Child.

SPES realised that in fact in this new challenging globalization era our African continent should focus on the development of HIGH QUALITY SKILLS. Thus we were delighted to have accepted the invitation of a top dynamic entrepreneur from Burkina Faso who is building new schools for basic education and who believes in New Ways of teaching using internet.

In the last week of January, as a result of collaborative efforts SPES sent on an official assessment mission to OUAGADOUGOU a SPES team of three teachers specialized in pre and primary education traditional pedagogical methodologies and also well versed in the use of our SPES new computer teaching scheme that includes vocational training skills for Creative Crafts and Industrial Product Design.  From Burkina Faso, these teaching assessors flew to Paris for important IT meetings and also for special discussions on the SPES Multi-literacy Development Project with the UNESCO Chief of Creativity, Cultural Industries and Copyrights.

As the Northwest African teaching mission was very successful, specially for the benefit of illiterate adolescents with learning differences and difficulties an international network venture will be using spes.2000.cielnet, presently under construction, thanks to people of goodwill who believe in learning/sharing resources for global enrichment  of the needy.  Details to follow.
Do log into the SPES Website February update for a virtual pictorama and details on the Multi-literacy Project.

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