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During the month of January and February our NGO had the visit of several overseas experts and we organized specialized OPEN DAYS to display and present our new Development strategy to Alleviate Poverty.

It is a fact that for worldwide communication and commerce and trade the universal e-citizens needs to master English and French and as the Mauritian Islands are multi-lingual, we need to strengthen both these major languages by using ICT even to uplift basic literacy tuition.

SPES has thus organized OPEN DAYS presentations for open dialogue on our new integrated multi-platform based on pedagogical/vocational skills backed by an e-CLASS satellite support alternated by creative diversified crafts skills mainly using local natural materials to produce eco-designer products of touristic and export value.

It is planned to place on our website a small video of our January and February ICT activities and the new training skills we hope to integrate to our Plurilingual and Multi-liteacy Global village Development Project.

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