Dear Internaut friends, you were very numerous sending us Good Wishes for the year 2002 and this was most appreciated. Thank you - MERCI.

We started the year by uploading a virtual announcement of a Press communique we made recently to welcome more visitors to our Website, kindly extend this cordial invitation to your friends. We wish a very Happy New Year to new comers.

welcomes visitors seeing that the year 2002 marks its 35th Anniversary as a flexible Vocational Skills Trainer and Promoter of SMEs as well as the SPES 20th Anniversary in IT skills training, specially in CAL - Computer Aided Learning and CAD - Computer Aided Design for Quality Products and Projects with a Mauritian identity.

Presently, SPES is acting as a facilitator and co-ordinator at national and regional levels for the First International Virtual Congress for Young Entrepreneurs (October 2001 - June 2002).

To avert a two-tiered society the SPES Vocational and Multimedia Training Centre Team is looking forward to national/international collaboration to its Multi-literacy Global Village Project for Lifelong and ICT skills Training to eradicate Poverty and Exclusion and create a sustainable socio-economic peaceful development for the benefit of All - Adults and Children.

SPES e-vision dates back to the year 1981


Twenty years ago thanks to an UNDP donation SPES was able to introduce computerized equipment and initiated new skills training of the Mastercraftspeople of our Quatre-Bornes Silkscreening Unit on how to use a photographic camera/enlarger and also a precision semi automatic paper printing press.


Our Craftspeople were simply marvelled by the speed and accuracy of these computerized machines that todate still aid our creative manual work mainly in the fields of Textile and Paper Printing! Another important advancement took place when in 1989 SPES launched its now renowned CAD and CAD/CAM UNIT as many of our grassroots trainees have won Top International Awards for Designer-products.

As since 1996 our website has monthly updates, we plan to continue uploading information with virtual illustrations of our vocational activities.


It is scheduled until June 2002 for SPES to continue acting as a facilitator for the International Virtual Congress for Young Entrepreneurs organized by Spain and EU to promote learning/sharing and e-business interaction (click to link to info).

Regularly, do join us in the quest for Vocational Education for All specially for the marginalized illiterate kids at risk and also to empower the jobless workers who need to be recycled to face the challenges of the new e-generation through Multi-literacy skills.

SPES welcomes socio-economic partnerships to bridge the digital gap and avoid conflicting situations, so as to create a Productive World without socio-economic injustice.

We count with your news and technical exchanges to improve ICT and global progress.

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