A brief overview of SPES 

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The objectives of SPES are to promote:

  • local handcrafts
  • specialised cottage industries
  • the social welfare of Mauritian Artists and Artisans

During the past 37 years SPES has generated in Craft fields:

  • Cultural Exchanges
  • Designer Connections
  • Seminars & Exhibitions
  • Research and Training
  • High-tech techniques
  • Production and Marketing

Through Crafts training specially in the rural areas SPES has also been instrumental in upgrading the socio-economic level of Craftswomen.

This approach has encouraged industrial regional decentralisation and also Sugar Cane diversification, as many of the SPES initial Craft trainees were young girls who had followed "Les Ecoles Menagères"- House-keeping Schools Courses and by acquiring additional skills in diversified cottage industries at SPES rural Training Units, they became self-entrepreneurs or joined new nearby industrial firms.

Some of the trainees who had a vocational or research inclination stayed at the SPES Units, which also carry out Production to help cover costs. Hence we have some Mastercraftsmen who have been at our Training and Production Craft Centres for over 27 years!

SPES forms part of the Mauritian patrimony as it has introduced and spread artistic and technical skills through regular Workshops and Expos to enhance the raw materials of the Islands environment and its unique pluricultural society.


This interactive approach has had a cultural and a socio-economic industrial impact, by creating an added-value global Design awareness. Some of the SPES Product-Design Workshops included lecturers and participants from overseas and the African Region, which added to their success and opened new horizons.

Since the year 1981 SPES has been operating with electronic equipment specially for photographic work for silkscreening.

It acquired a computer design software in 1987 and in May 1989 launched a High-tech Design Training Unit and uses CAD - Computer-Aided-Design, as a Creativity and Marketing tool, mainly for the textile fields, such as Knitting, Weaving and Embroidery but it also utilises 3D programmes for Woodwork and Ceramics to promote Designer-products.