A series of related events took place from January to April to mark the NGO SPES 42nd Anniversary Crafts Skills Training activities and 28th Anniversary of our CAD - Computer Aided Design Unit.

We are concentrating on green events in line with the Mauritian national MID élan as we all aim in our Mauritian Islands at becoming an example of environmentally friendly activities.

On the 15th April it was a historical day as we help to launch a Model Literacy Training Centre for illiterate street kids and adults. So far the learning / sharing dispensed by the three young Trainers from the Southern Sugar Estate area has been very successful and the SPES hi-tech Unit will continue monitoring the progress of the Facilitators and the Learners who are enjoying immensely the literacy lessons which have an integrated multimedia support.

We had a Green Food Day which was most enjoyable and everyone appreciated learning to cook healthy green vegetables using our microwave kitchen corner.