February 2002

The SPES Woodwork Design Unit is creating a collection of furniture prototypes and fun learning didactic games, as well as furnished doll-houses. These products were designed to develop dexterity skills, friendly social habits, a respectful environment awareness and also to awake creativity amongst pre-school kids under the age of 5.

On February 20th, our Craftsmen and Teacher Trainers were delighted to show off some of their training skills, as they had the honour of the encouraging visit of Mrs. Nielson, the wife of Mr. Poul Nielson, Member of EU responsible for Development and Humanitarian Aid, and of Mrs. Rey, the wife of the EU Ambassador who were accompanied by Ms. A. Sunnasee and Mrs. Upadhyaya, respectively from the EU Delegation and the Ministry of Economic Development.

On display some virtual photos depicting this memorable event that took place at the SPES Vocational and Multimedia Training Centre.

Mrs. Nielson on left. Ms. Upadhyaya far right and Ms. Sunassee second from right







Mrs. Rey on left


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