During February 2005, NGO SPES initiated post-Tsunami practical ICT friendly neighbouring connectivity between the magnificient Islands of Mauritius and the Maldives, in collaboration with WorldSpace Satellites / Toulouse diffusion systems, in response to UNESCO / PARIS appeal for learning / sharing technical Transfer of “psycho-social pedagogical “ Training to benefit rapidly regional community-based sustainable development.

Thanks mainly to Rotary Club / London sponsoring and local pro-active social vorkers it was proved that “the Sky is the limit” in our e-Generation.

Seeing that José Delaitre, a past President of Rotary Club / Curepipe and an active social voluntary member of NGO SPES was able to fly to the Republic of the Maldives Islands for encounters with Education Promoters.

Virtual souvenir photos in a travelog-form of José’s memorable Maldives trip, via Dubay / Colombo to the Maldives ( 18 - 22nd February 05 ), assembled by NGO SPES “Vocational and Multimedia Training Center” that is situated at 7 Avenue Labourdonnais Quatre-Bornes in the centre of the Mauritius Island, and which is equipped to diffuse multimedia lessons via the WorldSpace Satellites innovative CLASS - Combined Live Audio and Slide Show - system simultaneously to several sites and countries.

Direct website link to relevant CLASS diffusion SPES/Mauritius to Dakar

Direct website link on SPES/Mauritius CLASS Demo to Rodrigues

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Saturday 19th February

Arrival at Malé - a restful night
Photo of a night Dhoni ferry boat used as transport from and to the Airport

Next day Sunday 20th at breakfast - view through “ the Relax Inn” restaurant onto the Bay

A Sunday walk to the colourful Market to see the fish abundance and local tropical foods.


Sight-seeing and a leisure walk to the “Trends Cyber Café” - to email messages and for a light lunch


Photo of a beautifully
paved road

Afternoon walk to test the AfriStar beam at the Marina Drive

José returned in the evening to the warf for night satellite radio reception further testing

On Monday 21st José went sight-seeing and took a photo of the imposing Presidential Palace
Great activity in the Bay and on the roads, in view of the U.S. past Presidents Bush and Clinton one-day visit on a Post-Tsunami Funding Mission to the enchanting Maldives Islands

At lunch at the “Trends Cyber Café” José emailed his ICT SPES friends and also announced this important event


José went up to 7th floor of the Mookie Hotel top terrace

and succeeded to capture easily the AfriStar beam - and photographed the view from the terrace of the beautiful skyline of Malé


Dinner time again at “Trends Cyber Café” and afterwards walked to the Marine Drive to carry out more satellite beam tests

On his last day, on Tuesday 22nd February 2005, José had the great honour and pleasure to have a meeting with Mr. Abdullah Salih, the dynamic Director of the National Maldives UNESCO Commission. Later he took a photo of the rear of Ministry of Education that faces the Bay. Mr José Delaitre was escorted to pay a visit to Mr Hassan Nashid the Head of the Ahmadiyah School which engages also in modern studies in Marine Resources and Fishing Industry fields.

Apparently many students come from faraway islands, and a SPES Computer Multimedia Presentation of the CLASS system showed that it can be of great interest global educational connectivity, specially as SPES integrated to the WorldSace Satellite diffusion data-cast systems an ecological e-Solar small panels mobile system that can generate energy for satellite radios and computer accessories for ICT exchanges to take place anywhere needed.


Last successful AfriStar beam testing from the top terrace of the Mookie Hotel.

In the evening José packed his suitcase and found place for unique souvenirs crafted from the beneficient Coconut Palm Tree.

At 9 pm after having dinner at the friendly “Trends Cyber-Café”, he was picked up by the two young friends that the One & Only Hotel had kindly delegated as his escorts during José’s Maldives unforgetable stay.

On the plane back home to Mauritius via Dubay for a transit relaxation day José felt that he had accomplished a very enjoyable ICT Bridging Mission, however it was established with WorldSpace that they should also test the beams of their other Satellite AsiaStar as they both converge ideally over the Maldives Islands, as depicted in the WorldSpace Satellites coverage area map.



Concurrently to the Maldives post-Tsunami ICT bridging friendly mission SPES using ICT via WorldSpace Satellites / Toulouse, OPEN DAYS were organized locally by the SPES from 18th - 22nd February to demonstrate the CLASS system simultaneous new approach to diffuse computerized multimedia interactive e-vocational training skills to save in transport costs of trainees.

Seeing that two middle-aged ladies, ex-textile factory workers are presently free trainees at SPES QB Training Centre and are learning digital skills to start a Small Bakery Enterprise, a series of virtual photos show how our NGO’s e-Creative lessons are effective and fun-learning and help to Bridge the Digital Gap rapidly at all Age Levels.

On the Spotlight at the launching on Friday 18th a Microwave Baking Multimedia Lesson of a Healthy Cake decorated with Papaya was taught simultaneously via WorldSpace satellite monitored by the SPES Quatre-Bornes Hi-Tec Training Vocational Unit at 7, Avenue Labourdonnais and diffused to a group of 35 young kids, who twice weekly gather for friendly free meals at the Resto Du Coeur, at Baie du Tombeau, a few kilometres away, run by the Cangy Family and Village Neighbours.



Another e-Highlight of the OPEN DAYS for Public Awareness was the demonstration of the SPES Weavers of the new semi-computerized handloom and they wove our Mauritian designs using also recycled local fibres such as Sanseveria, (mother-in-laws tongues). A colour unit hand woven textiles like tablecloth and fashion clothes, co-ordinates to matching table potteries and fashionable jewellery were on display.


Semi computerized weaving for competitive pricing

"Sanseveria" fibres commonly known as "mother-in-law's tongue"
extracted by the SPES Straw department.
The fibre weaves beautfully and we embroider with it.


On the Monday 21st all were very encouraged by the gracious visit of the Honourable Minister Madame Arianne Navarre-Marie, Minister of Women, Family Welfare and Child Development, who spontaneously handwrote the following remark on the SPES electronic wall board : Je suis très impressionnée par l’excellent travail de SPES. Congratulations. Keep it up!

Sequential virtual photos depict this visit

Rianda explaining to the Honourable Minister the coverage
WorldSpace satellites AfriStar and AsiaStar Indian Ocean
coverage areas

Learning about the CLASS -
Combined Live Audio and Slide Show

To add to the joyful mood our potter Paul played the guitar

The Honourable Minister enjoyed eating the microwave baked
cake jobless ladies trainees made

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