Best Wishes for a Very Happy Productive &
Peaceful New Year 2007

A festive and memorable photo of Mr. John Holman (in the middle) Member of the London Rotary Club.
On his left is May Vaddamalay, one of SPES Voluntary Teachers, who he kindly invited, with her brother to the Rotary Club luncheaon meeting, on 11th December. During which she had the honour to thank all the Rotary Club Members for the useful donations they have kindly contributed, for the past few years, to our NGO's educational resources towards our basic and multiimedia activities.
May also had the great joy of lodging with her brother John (extreme right) and while in London benefitted to learn and pick up the latest easy-use software version to help dyslexic literacy / numeracy problems. (More details next year).


To culminate the SPES 39 Years of devoted Vocational Training and the 25th Anniversary of our Hi-Tec & Design Unit our traditional "Christmas Kids Party" focused on:

Soyez Prudents sur nos Routes - Be Prudent on our Roads

The morning's programme consisted of active practical learning experience with multimedia for a group of kids aged from 8 - 16...
SPES Hi-Tec Unit designed a special Programme with a diversity of cars, ambulances, pedestrians, indicative safety road panels, etc
and the group of kids had the opportunity to create collectively and type a short story concerning an outing event observing the road safety code.
Games were installed on various computers and the kids practiced finger dexterity and concentrated on "driving" vehicles with prudence or they would crash!
The girls as well as the boys
enjoyed teleguiding the miniature
cars and participated in all the
other fun learning games.
For relaxation, they were offered healthy eats and fresh juices prepared by the SPES Patisserie while listening to CD-ROM joyful music.

Hereunder a 2007 calendar with our very Best Wishes for a Very Happy, Productive and Peaceful Year

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