To mark the Centenary of Malcolm de Chazal, the Mauritian famous prolific philosopher/poet/writer and painter, at the invitation of the Alliance Française, SPES organized jointly at Bel Village, from 15 to 18 December a colourful display of our diversified Works of Art and Crafts with Chazal Designs.
SPES had a long artistic collaboration with Malcolm de Chazal: we recall in particular how he liked to caress our pure wool Tapestry and say fondly to our Weavers; “Now my designs are now longer just in poster-paint, but also in a noble material!”

Our virtual show of photos depict the “Malcolmland” ambiance and the many joyful activities of this Chazal Expo and the various Kids Group Workshops conducted by the SPES Mastercraftsmen specialized in: Pottery, Silkscreening, Weaving, Embroidery, recycled Straw-work, Computer Art and ICT Multi-literacy New Training Skills aimed at encouraging various forms of creativity from an early age.

The Expo reflected vibrantly Chazal’s avant-garde limitless ecological interactive spirit:

Les Couleurs ce sont les

fenetres de l'espace

"Colours are the windows of space" (translation from French quotation)

The SPES Festive Greetings of the Season englobe our ardent wish for the New Year:


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