SPES Academy for Grassroots Training
Winners and Prizes Announced soon
The President and Members of the Jury inform all the participants aged 3 - 12 that the Winners and Prizes will be announced in the July 98 SPES Web site update, so this Cyber activity will end soon, but we have already been urged to organise another activity for wider kid interaction worldwide. Suspense, suspense!
SPES Academy We are pleased to announce that our Academy for Grassroots Training Project using IT (Information Technology) to equalise Educational/Vocational Access in diversified Craft fields, has encountered great International interest.  However, it all now depends on financial possibilities to reach out first to local young potential craft entrepreneurs, who presently lack training facilities.

Through the SPES IT Training experience we know that artisans of all ages can uplift literacy, numeracy and creative vocational skills using Appropriate and New Technologies to face the new millenium challenges, and we hope to extend our Academy activities after its national implementation, if all goes according to plan...

Hereunder, sketches of the SPES Academy main building and Guest House, for visiting regional and international students and experts.
Courtesy of Danish Architect, Mr. Anders VEDEL-RIEPER, during his study trip to Mauritius in 1994.

Expo Lisbon '98 The Expo Lisbon '98 has over 100 Pavilions that enhance Art and Crafts of their various International identities. Many have virtual presentations on Crafts skills and some have selling exhibitions to the enchantment of thousands of daily visitors from all over the world. The Expo's theme was: The Oceans: a heritage for the future.

The UNESCO/Felissimo Catwalk of the Design 21-II Fashion Competition with the 98 Laureates presentations was most colourful and spectacular and was held at the Lisbon Expo on the night of the 7th June 98. These selected creative costumes and accessories are now beautifully displayed at the Lisbon Museo de Traje (Museum of Costumes), where a Public voting Competition is taking place until 24 September 1998.

This international visibility is a great promotion for young Designers. More news next month.

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