In August 2002 SPES organized another OPEN DAY, as part of 35th Anniversary entrepreneurial activities. Our Guest of Honour was the Honourable Anil Gayan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Regional Co-operation.

"Appropriate Environmental and Ergonomic Computer use" to foster good posture to prevent health problems. Train "Kids at risk", to develop creative Eco-SMEs and also to achieve peaceful global poverty eradication.

The programme activities are depicted in a series of virtual photographs:


Displays and Presentation of Human Resources and modern tools on ICT capacity-building to facilitate Knowledge Access. The main multimedia presentation was on SPES Teaching Material Content on our volcanic island. This was enhanced by a display of products in Mauritian Volcanic clays in Red, Cream, grey Basalt colours and SPES marbled special clay mixtures

An on-loop computer presentation of our Fibre Relational Database of interest for cottage industries.

A computer was programmed to show the SPES Database on 19 Mauritian plant/fibres

SPES Nationwide Applied Research Study showed the urgent need for the implementation of our Multi-literacy Global Village Project our special Team of Teachers designed and tested to bridge the Digital Gap, and to promote peaceful sustainable development at all levels, as illiteracy and resulting problems often lead to despair and aggression, life long skills Training is a MUST.

This event ended on a festive tea-party with SPES-made cakes, healthy local fruit juices
Mauritian grown tea and coffee.

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