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SPES Vocational Open Days All the SPES Craftspeople volunteers and Staff have been extremely busy, as our 3 Educational OPEN DAYS at the end of July have been extended to the entire month of August!   We have on display over 14 different computers with software and interfaces from pre-school to industrial CAD and CAD/CAM levels to encourage computer literacy and creativity possibilities using computers as a tool.  We carried out many demonstrations using new Apple and PC technologies and showed Virtual Marketing Craft possibilities, which were most appreciated.

Children CyberCraft Competition

Kindly refer to pictures
enrolment form details.

Children from several countries have shown an interest to participate an we remind all of you that you should send your Stories and photos during the month of October '97.
Have fun creating your story and making up your animals Cyber stars!

The Top Prize for the winner of the Competition will be a Web page. We hope that we will, during next month, receive many Stories with illustrations of Crafted animals from all five continents: Africa, Asia/Pacific, North America, Latin America and Europe.  As for other prizes it is still a surprise.  Look out for the names of the members of the Jury in our September update.