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On the month of May the main NGO SPES artistic and vocational activity was to mark the International Book Day on 22 April 2006 a small group of children aged 9 - 14. On the learning programme:
1. was a short video on mechanical printing of books that integrates a fun song to help the kids remember about the finger dexterity and also included … exercises on colour mixing for printing book inks. 2. the children also enjoyed seeing how SPES hand-printed books in the silkscreening technique were done
3. some SPES made books on textures and shapes for the blind to feel and books we made for children with motor handicaps to practice using a zip, buttoning fastening etc., which actually SPES launched in the year 1979! Lastly the children paired off in groups and created and computer typed their own short stories and took turns in reading them aloud in an almost correct French. To be noted that they preferred to use ecological themes. Naturally it all ended with a healthy SPES "tiffin" as we say in creole.

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