A follow up of SPES Post-Tsunami pscho-social vocational interactive activities using our latest multimedia e-book on Sea and River Eels to encourage e-fun-learning on the enchanting beauty and also the scientific biological side of aquatic life both in the marine and freshwater environments.


A series of photos of a group of our SPES Craftspeople young children aged 8 - 12 illustrate their fascination and interactivity with our NGO’s creative use of WorldSpace Satellites Toulouse CLASS - Combined Live Audio and Slide Show system.

Brain Teasers practical activities for agroup of SPES staff children aged 8 - 12 after viewing the Tsunami Story, embroidering of an underwater scene and using wax crayons and painting over the design with a transparent water colour.

Moreoever, some photos that depict “Mutualization effect” of the SPES e-learning/sharing sessions also suitable for Meteo technicians (suitable at all levels)

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