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Floreal/Mangalkhan Computer Festival
The Rotary Club of Curepipe in collaboration with the Floreal Youth & Sports Centre and NGO SPES organized a Multimedia Festival on 26 April 2003. After 2 hours the SPES Vocational & Multimedia Teachers discreetly stood back while the children took over playing at the special computer games tables we had carted along with eight computers!
We were not surprised that the strategic computer football game was most popular with the boys of all ages. However, the younger boys enjoyed painting and less boisterous leisure games, and together with the young girls created colourful masks and learnt about computer painting tools.

Whereas the 12 - 14 year old girls were most interested with the artistic Design and Fashion software and navigated through a fun e-Trade boutique doing simulated virtual shopping and matched, with great glee, clothes and accessories coordinates while learning about window dressing and marketing of designer products.

The President and all the Rotary Curepipe Members present and the SPES Team were delighted with the interest and the application shown by the children, who became great computer enthusiasts and voiced aloud their global wish that ordinary schooling should use the SPES multimedia user-friendly tools and our new teaching and training approach...

To end the Fun Multimedia Festival refreshments and cakes were served in the Sports Center courtyard. To our amusement many of the children were so proud of their computer creative literacy and fun-learning skills and achievements, that some of them asked to have virtual photographs taken holding their Participation Certificates, as they aspired to feature on Internet through our SPES Website!

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