April 2002

Since September 2001 SPES has been busy facilitating and developing e-business and e-trade contacts thanks to the First Virtual Congress for Young Entrepreneurs.

Our SPES website being pedagogically oriented we are now uploading some of our activities connected to this innovative International Virtual Congress for SMEs.

Below photos of various relevant ICT workshops held at the SPES Vocational and Multimedia Training Centre:



To be noted that this laudable Virtual Congress initiated by the Spanish-based (see logo on top bar) Young Entrepreneurs Association in collaboration and with sponsorship from EU has been extremely successful, specially as they have now integrated a Virtual Congress Fair and kindly placed at the disposal of entrepreneurs under 40 years of age some Virtual Stands.

Hence, on 4th April 2002 SPES carried out the Launching Ceremony of 30 Mauritian SMEs Virtual Congress Stands with photographic and text Decors of their exclusive products and/or services.

To create a Cyber ambiance the SPES Host for this presentation we entitled "Virtual Reality Challenge for SMEs", was a flashing Robot with a fencing sword and a synthesized computer-generated voice, that guided the guests throughout the Virtual Fair Grounds and its eight Virtual Pavillions set-up of diverse categories of e-business/e-trade facilities.

The Young Entrepreneurs present were pleased with the message of appraisal our Guest of Honour wrote on the SPES electronic white board, visible on the virtual photos depicting this event .

All our SMEs participants are marvelled by the infinite interactivity possibilities with 110 countries and over 5,000 enterprises, that the Virtual Congress for Young Entrepreneurs already englobes, and are delighted that these superhighways activities are, apparently, going to be extended to beyond the Year 2002!

ICT is transforming us all into universal citizens and hopefully will Eliminate Poverty and Exclusion more rapidly than globally planned.


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