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At our stand we displayed some of the fibre research work from the joint project MSIRI (Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute)/SPES under the aegis of MRC (Mauritius Research Council).
                                   For surprise findings on local fibre you have to wait for final report in a few months time...
From 10 to 16 March, also held at the Freeport display facilities,
was another interesting April event the
American Regional Trade Fair.
The US Ambassador had kindly reserved a pavilion for Artistic products of High Quality and SPES displayed some of their Designer Crafts.
It was great fun to see that almost every single visitor that went by touched our petit-point creole houses and also our colourful tapestries of Malcolm de Chazal who had studied Agriculture, at Baton Rouge in Louisiana and later became a philosopher, writer and painter with a vibrant Mauritian identity.

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