April Update continued
Our last update had news up to 5th April.

- Child's Action
- Invitation to
  Internauts friends

We now have an appeal to make to all our internet friends. Net aid requested SPES to spread their form to collect signatures for their “Say Yes for Children” campaign, please join in by either signing up online or downloading printed forms and distributing them around.

On the SPES part our teachers and friends are collaborating on an event we call Child’s Action.

The SPES Global contribution to “Yes to a Child” is to encourage a needy child by raising his/hers life expectations and to stimulate the illiterate adolescents at risk to learn “life-long skills”


SPES is launching a direct Call to a Child’s Actions on its 34th anniversary of free vocational training at grassroot levels. Since 1981 NGO SPES started using computerized tools and, for better quality in product design, in May 89 implemented a CAD and CAD/CAM Unit. For the past 10 years SPES has been doing applied Research on multi -literacy using ICT. Hence our new Community-based Project also toward the elimination of Poverty and Exclusion.

SPES Present Social Action

Inspired by a Child movement, SPES is undertaking the following pedagogical actions:

  1. SPES Vocational Teachers and Collaborators are willing to seek a needy child and raise his or her self- awareness of the Rights of the Child.

  2. After the text and voice presentation of the whole convention of the Rights of the Child, the illiterate ado child 11 -18 years old can respond by clicking or can use speech to express his / her opinions, his / her suggestions, his / her problems, his or her aspirations and hopefully develop a learning attitude.

  3. The Child is informed how to seek Knowledge Access for learning life-long skills, to build self-esteem and to help make the World a more liveable place for One and for All.

Our SPES informal survey form is under construction and will be available in our May update.

Invitation to Internaut Friends

May we count on your interactions to better the life of a child and help him or her to adopt new learning ways.

Finally SPES will question the child for his/her opinion on our Multi-literacy Global Village Project that integrates:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Numeracy
  • Computer literacy
  • Creativity & Crafts making development of an entrepreneurial spirit
Each child must feel assured that there are user-friendly new-ways to improve and gain literacy skills for the needy child to become creative and productive citizens through learning and e-learning and multimedia numerical use to end Poverty and Exclusion for all to be able to enjoy and benefit from the challenges of globalization.

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