Yet another avant-garde e-tool SPES is using to encourage teenagers encountered literacy /numeracy difficulties during heir primary schooling and thus need to want to learn to appreciate to read, to write and to benefit from learning numeracy concepts is a cute "Bunny" - It was invented by an Armenian and a SPES Director donated one to our Pedagogical psycho-socio-economic Unit. This friendly bunny Mauritian children now call "Bunny" can be programmed to light up, rotates its ears and speaks (in different soft spoken synthetic voices) to remind the child or adult of its need or timing to do its reading exercise or gives other time management instructions and the learner becomes attentive and gets a reassuring feeling that someone cares affectionately for his cultural development. Naturally this amusing bunny gadget gentle oral discipline integrated to school computer or learners desk results in very positive effective responses.
Another very special highlight of this month was our Live SPES Demonstration at the kind invitation of the Honourable Dharam Gokhool, Minister of Education & Human Resources to his Conference Room at IVTB Building, where we had the opportunity to present briefly the English and French schemes SPES proposes to integrate to our nationwide for youth and adults, who can now have the facilities to learn literacy basics using appropriate innovative phonological and multi-sensory teaching learning/sharing creative specialized multimedia designed an produced mainly by the SPES Teacher Trainers specialized in creating environments conducive to active learning.
We also acquired a special classroom-server to facilitate the specialized vocational teachers we train continuously in-house in our SPES Vocational and Multimedia Quatre Bornes Centre and though we have also to struggle to raise funding by selling our crafts sales production.
Some of the present Land Converter that are energetically developing "Villa estates with Touristic Craft Villages, have visited our SPES Vocational & Multimedia Centre, to see how our NGO has the e-readiness to design and implement customized multi-literacy and SMEs schemes which can be developed jointly jointly with the private and public empowerment programme socio-economic sectors and other now available capacity-building funding to promote and entrepreneurial spirit and creative productive e-citizens to equalized and better living conditions. On 25 October we had the honour of having a surprise visit of Officials from the MQA - Mauritius Qualifications Authority - and we were delighted to explain our developments plans on the re-skilling and specialized teaching training of vocational skills also using our SPES assessment and e-learning human and material resources.

SPES ICT-oriented teachers were highly encouraged to learn from the prominent lecturer Dr. Brunot at his lecture on "Autism" organized by the UOM and Parents of autistic children, that phonological and multi-sensory and computers support are excellent aids ot help to reduce autism problems, as at SPES we already dispense these specialized methodologies in both English and French.SPES is thus proud to persevere with our approach to provide vulnerable children with learning handicaps with the most advanced user-friendly tuition and learning tools than even elite privileged school children, as the poor underprivileged marginalized needy kids are the ones that really need compensatory resources to uplift their learning capacities.

Finally a This is SPES wake-up call to all National Planners, Deciders and Donors to engage in corporate social responsibility towards a literacy and re-skilling partnership schemes with NGOs Centres of Excellence of our developing cyber country!

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