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In the beginning of September, we started using our e-learning Courses in English to help a Staff six-year old boy, who now enjoys primary school work, as he can control his rhythm of learning and on top of it he loves the programmed multimedia animations.

In September 6th, there was great excitement in the SPES Pottery. The MBC TV Organizers of the “La Route aux Enigmes” used a special clay pot that was placed in one of our Pottery kilns and "La Rose des Vents” Trophy was hidden inside. Two Competitors had to find during their search

They were driven around the Quatre-Bornes Town in a van and also ran had to run around looking for the ultimate goal, which was to find "La Rose des Vents" in record Time!

The winner was a young athletic boy! Finally they all relaxed, while enjoying fresh juices and Health Cakes from the SPES Patisserie.


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