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International Roles
WCC In 1984, SPES joined the NGO WORLD CRAFTS COUNCIL - WCC - and, presently, holds the vice-presidency of the WCC Africa / Eastern sub-region, and practices the WCC objectives of promoting cultural and technical exchanges to create a sense of fellowship, upgrade socio-economic conditions and the recognition of Crafts and of Craftspeople in the following five WCC Regions: Africa, North and Latin America, Asia/Pacific and Europe. The WCC International Secretariat - WIS - is now situated in the prestigious City of Kyoto and is actively engaged in extending the WCC global network.


NGO SPES follows the international trends and orientations mainly specified in the UNESCO's DECADE OF CULTURE (1990 - 1999) Plan of Action for the Sector of Art and Crafts, which focuses on the multiple promotion of quality crafts. SPES has participated enthusiastically with the UNESCO's team of consultants on the 10-year plan orientations in Hammamet in the year 1989, and at its mid-term evaluation of October 1994 in Islamabad. SPES has organised and carried out several Crafts Design Seminar/Workshops thanks to UNESCO's Participation Programmes.


The IRCICA - Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture - collaboration is much appreciated by the SPES Craftspeople as it focuses on Traditional and Contemporary Crafts development through Seminar/Workshops and publications of great quality.


SPES joined, recently, the collaborative efforts of SEPAC (Small Enterprises Promotion Advisory Council), which has an agreement with SADC (Southern African Development Community) to establish closer links between Small and Medium Entrepreneurs in 12 countries.


As the vocational network activities of NGO SPES are geared to develop creative industrial skills, using the latest methods and techniques, it counts on national, regional and international collaboration to implement, in the near future, the planned and much-solicited SPES Academy of Design Studies to cater for the grassroots and disadvantaged entrepreneurs upliftment of the informal Small and Medium-Scale Sectors.

On-line permanent Invitation

Wherever you may be in the world, if you have qualifications for capacity building in human resources, in Craft areas, for the development of environmentally-friendly Designer products, do contact SPES, as our Mastercraftsmen look forward to hearing from you for future cultural and technical exchanges.


SPES plans to add Crafts News to this Home Page, on a monthly basis, to stimulate internetaction between faraway Designers and Craftspeople.

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Home Introduction Activities Monthly updates