So as to never underestimate the role of a woman some photos that illustrate how quickly ladies can engage in re-skilling and learn multi-literacy and vocational skills. While at the same time adopting a new life-style cooking healthy recipes.

Seeing that two middle-aged ladies, ex-textile factory workers are presently free trainees following free courses at the SPES QB Training Centre and are enjoying to use computers and acquire vocational digital skills. They plan to start a Small Bakery Enterprise suitable for school canteens.

A series of sequential virtual photos depict how our NGO’s e-Creative lessons are effective and fun-learning and help to Bridge the Digital Gap rapidly at all Age Levels.

However, if NGO SPES was given a training grant it could diffuse vocational courses to the hundreds of unemployed ladies who need and are asking for new skills training. If we could start engaging in WorldSpace Satellites CLASS diffusion transport costs would not be needed and the teaching would be carried out simultaneoulsy at community-based level.

We all hope for Better Days and equitable fund-sharing for training purposes...


Internaut friends, these recipes are made in minutes and use up little energy so do try them and Bon Appétit!

from our lady weavers who are creating many CAD, Computer Aided Designs, in memory of the Tsunami afflictions, they are producing colourful marine designs and are delighted with the speed increase results and the added-value to Mauritian Textile industry, as they use local natural fibres which give their weavings a true Mauritian identity.

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