NGO SPES and WorldSpace had the honour to participate actively with a live broadcast, at the World Conference on ICT for Capacity-Building: Critical Success Factors held at the UNESCO/Paris, via AfriStar WorldSpace Satellite / Toulouse was relayed and monitored by the Vocational Teacher Training Team at the NGO SPES / Mauritius Training Centre.

A SPES 10 minutes multimedia nature story entitled "An Aquatic Nature Story of the Tsunami of the Indian Ocean by the Fire Eel was diffused and aimed at illustrating the turmoil of the Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 26, 2004 and also to show this hi-tec linkage potential, wherever Humanitarian Aid and Appropriate Resources are needed to Reduce Suffering and Poverty and to promote all-round progress through ICT using simple e-tool and WorldSpace Satellite portable radios and integrate computer system...


Didier Lehoux set up the miniature radio satellite and laptop PC connection and together with Pierre Alexandre Genillon represented WorldSpace while, Helena Langlois, from SPES/Mauritius carried out interaction between some of the UNESCO Paris Conference Participants and the SPES Teacher Training Team Hi-tec Lab situated on the Island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. She gladly answered questions on the broadcasted e-CLASS - Combined Live Audio and Slide Show - innovative WorldSpace satellite system, as it was successfully demonstrated that it is a low-cost, user-friendly system for Connectivity and Knowledge Access potential to link up, simultaneously, to several sites in various countries and continents.


The UNESCO World ICT Capacity-Building Conference was extremely enriching and stimulating as countries from several continents through video-conferencing studios interacted with the participants. Moreoever the ICT Conference sessions was web-relayed for a wider audience to benefit.

Our SPES addresses sincere thanks to the UNESCO its co-partners and sponsors and to the Participants and their methodologies and ICT Applied Research sharing.

June Highlights

Since the year 1967, every 16th June, to mark The African Child Day NGO SPES has organized OPEN DAYS to initiate Computer Literaty Skills to young teenagers in need of e-equipment facilities who have learning difficulties, Follow virtual pictures of kids 12 - 14 years old taken during their field visit to the NGO SPES Crafts and Multimedia Training Centre.

An anecdote, related to this friendly event: The SPES teachers were amused and proud to learn from one of the visiting Pre-Vocational School Teachers that 15 years ago, when he was a Secondary school pupil, he had visited SPES main Training Centre.

And as a result now, years later he proposed to a group of his present Teacher Colleagues to spend a few hours at SPES main Teaching Centre accompanied by 55 of their pre-vocational school pupils. Some photos to illustrate their enthusiasm during their visit to some of our Workshops and viewing our tsunami nature story "An Aquatic Nature Story of the Tsunami of the Indian Ocean" and actually seeing in our aquarium the live Indonesian Fire Eel.

In fact, as illustrated in our SPES website monthly updates, NGO SPES has been an ICT catalyst through its creative “hands-on” activities at national, regional and international levels and has also promoted entrepreneurial / industrial Computer Aided Design - CAD as well as designer production and e-trade.

Health and Ecological global needs are also of great concern to SPES and hence our continuous Applied Research geared to Sustainable Development on these domains to improve “Quality of Life” conditions and also to instil respect for Nature and to promote Recycling activities with natural local materials.


Pity NGO SPES still seems to cry in the desert for funds to diffuse and share out our teaching know-how and latest ICT and Vocational Skills suitable for the most needy kids in our Indian Ocean Region ...

SPES has just received a new ecological portable "all weather" solar system which we have just tried successfully, as illustrated on this photo.

Look out for more details on our SPES OPEN DAYS programmed for 7th - 14th July for Public Awareness of our latest vocational and ICT Training Skills.

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