As promised more details and a “pictorama” of the assessment mission of the team of three SPES teachers for Multimedia collaboration with Burkina Faso. They had productive work sessions with Ouagadougou Dignitaries, as well as with Private and Public teachers.

Mr. Jules Congo, the Director of ABI (Agence Burkina Immobilier), was the organizer and kind host as he in the process of buiding a modern school for pre-and primary education, and requested SPES IT support, to equalise learning facilities and vocational creativity from early age

Computer presentation to the ABI collaborators. On top left Mrs. Monique Duval can be seen next to Ms. Myriam Narainsamy. The ABI collaborators were: Mr. DIARI Blais, Security Advisor; Mr. SANDWIDI Joseph, Technical Advisor; Mrs. ZAGRE Alima, Qualified Teacher; Mr. GUIRE Amede, Legal Advisor; Mrs BORO Sosthene: Commercial Director of ABI; Mrs. NIKIEMA née OUEDRAOGO Déborah: Administrative and Financial Manager; Mrs. OUABO née NIKIEMA Maimouna: Administrative Secretary; Mr. SIDIBE Ditcoty Paul; Studies and Projects Manager

From left to right: Mrs. Monique Duval, Ms. Myriam Narainsamy and Mr. Jules Congo

From left to right: Mr. Jules Congo, Ms. Myriam Narainsamy, the Honourable Minister for Basic Education and Literacy and Mrs. May Vaddamalay

The Town Hall of Ouagadougou where the educational team met the Mayor, H.E. Simon Compaore

From left to right: Mr. Jules Congo, Mrs. May Vaddamalay, Mr. Simon Compaore and Ms. Miriam Narainsamy
Classrooms of a private school cater for small number of young pupils
At school children learn also not to waste water.
Under the cool shade of the kiosk all children practice physical exercises and traditional dances.
Pre-primary school children diverted from their play mood to observe the intruders

Cultural sites, Artwork and musical instruments were also photographically recorded as the SPES basic education Training scheme will take into consideration the cultural identity and the new "global village" socio-economic approach.

NGO SPES Vocational and Multimedia Centre collaboration has been devised for training specialised Teachers and Assessors using the latest pedagogical methodologies. The SPES multi-literacy scheme is based on CAL - Computer Aided Learning and ICT - Information and Communication Technologies allied to crafts to encourage creativity. Hopefully this project will become a model to provide nationwide knowledge access to needy youth also in other developing African countries that are keen to implement the SPES Multi-literacy skills project.

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